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WWE 2K Mobile | Android & Ios | Intro

WWE 2k mobile

Most of the hardcore wwe fans are already familiar with this game as it is the popular professional wrestling video game which is developed by the Yuke's and Visual concepts and then published by famous 2K sports. You must have certainly played the good old wwe smackdown - here comes the pain or wwe smackdown vs raw series. This is the best version of those games and is updated and released every year for different devices. Generally, WWE 2K series is released for consoles like playstation, xbox, nintendo switch and even PC. However, the game hasn't been officially released either for android and ios or other mobile devices as well.

The fans have been waiting since ages for the release of this game on their mobile device. Although, there are other WWE games that have been released for mobile like WWE immortals, WWE Mayhem or more, the fans have been desperately waiting mainly for the WWE 2K series or WWE Smackdown Vs Raw mobile. There have been lots of doubts prevailing in the fan's mind like- When is the game coming out for android/ ios? Will it even be released for mobile? Release date for WWE 2k mobile etc. Anyways, worry no more, we have got some cool news for the fans to check out!

WWE 2k19 Android and Ios

download WWE 2k18 android ios

WWE 2k19 is one of the absolutely chaotic WWE game that has been released just recently. There are crazy fans for this WWE game as it includes large number of features and stuffs, the fans have been asking for. On this new version, new playable characters have been added to the roster, new game modes, new features, unlockables and many more stuffs are upgraded. You can even customize and create your own dream character with your own signature & finishing moves to participate in the game modes. Even though this feature was already available since the previous version of this game, now, even more new superstar parts and materials for customization have been added. Moreover, you can even create your own custom matches and play it via the exhibition mode, wwe universe and even play it online. Isn't that awesome?!

Imagine playing this game on your portable mobile devices(android & iphone). Sounds cool, Doesn't it? - You would be able to carry WWE 2k19 game on your pocket and play it out with your friends wherever you want, without any hassle. For this, you need to download the apk and the ios files first and install it on your mobile.

WWE 2k18 for Android and Ios

download WWE 2k17 android apk ios

This is an older version of the WWE game that was released back in 2017. Even though the game may sound a bit old for this year, it is still pretty popular. The year 2018 had been a pretty intense year in the WWE and WWE 2k18 features all of the major stuffs from the year. However, despite its popularity, unfortunately, WWE 2k18 was also only released for the major gaming consoles and also for PC but it has not been released for android, ios and other mobile platforms. This became a major let-down for all the fans that had been waiting for the game series to come out on android and ios. Nevertheless, there had been game mods created for the android and ios version which also became pretty popular and was definitely enjoyed and loved by the wwe gaming fans.

WWE 2k17 & WWE 2k16 Android And Ios | Features

WWE 2k16 2k15 android ios

These two are now the old WWE games and the most popular ones too. WWE 2k17 and WWE 2k16 were searched everywhere on the internet as there were some rumours regarding these games, saying it might be released for android and ios devices soon. However, the rumours stayed out to be just rumours and not true. The hype for these games were pretty crazy back then as lots of major improvements were done and upgraded features were added compared to its previous releases, like - my career mode, new and returning creation suite features, advanced presentations, evolved online features and more, like the fans were demanding. Unfortunately, as these games were also released for only certain consoles and PC, the expecting fans didn't get to experience these games on their mobile phones which let to disappointment in them.

WWE 2k20 Android And Ios | Release Date | Features

download wwe 2k19 android and ios

The fan's craving for this game has already started and the hype is pretty huge. WWE 2k20 is set to release on October 2019, which is not so far.

From the perspective of gamers, this game seems pretty promising and definitely, it will have even better graphics, lots of new characters in the rosters, improved multiplayer modes, online features and more. Although, the full details for this game have not been revealed yet, we can expect revealing of the new characters in the rosters and new added features pretty soon.

Unfortunately, there has been no announcement of WWE 2k20 releasing for android, ios or any other mobile platforms yet. We can just hope for it to be announced pretty soon.

Anyways, check down below to download the WWE 2k19 game.

How To Download, Install And Play New WWE Game On mobile:

WWE 2k18 mobile
  • Firstly, download the new WWE 2k game apk or ios file from the link given.
  • If you are an Iphone( or ios device user), simply, download the WWE game ios file from the link, install it on your ios device and launch it to download the additional game files.
  • For the android users, make sure you have got enough storage space available on your mobile(around 1.9gb) for installing the WWE game apk and for later downloading the additional obb file.
  • Now, go to the android settings and make sure you allow the installation of applications from the unknown sources.
  • After that, install the downloaded WWE apk file on your phone, start it and download the additional data files that it asks( which will automatically be downloaded)
  • Wait for it to complete downloading all the additional data/obb game files.
  • And finally after the game download is done, the game will itself launch
  • That's it! have fun!

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